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For the benefit of our customers, we stand for our motto!

Trust us, your partner for special tools and increasingly also for standard tools.

Do you already know the g + p full service? Redemption of used tools (also from other manufacturers), qualitative examination, regrinding, repair, new production if necessary and re-delivery  in your production. Simply contact us.

Performance increase due to patented g + p tool development

Take advantage also from our tool-basic research. Based on our patents, we develop and manufacture powerful special tools for your production. Tuned and optimally designed for your production - on your product.


Special tools

Made of full carbid (VHM) and high speed steel (HSS), with internal cooling and the desired coating.

Please contact us for more information. We also manufacture various combinations of tools.

  • Boring tool
  • Axial face milling cutter
  • Block mold steel
  • Mold inserts or indexable profile inserts
  • Brazed and bolted form drills
  • Form cutters
  • Milling cutters
  • Taps sharpen with bleed
  • Countersinks
  • Soldered or screwed crown drill
  • Profile side milling cutter
  • Reamers
  • Shaft shape steel
  • Scrolls / Labelling roles
  • Spade drill
  • Stamp
  • Step drill for frontal countours
  • Step drill
  • Gearing-cuttion tool
  • Angular mill
  • Circular cutter

Examples of manufactured tools are shown in our brochure.

g+p g + p tools provide for an increase in productivity in the professional production

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New production - regrinding - repair

We manufacture from 1 piece.

Special tools by g+p     According to customer requirements or by us designed and manufactured. Reproduction and regrooving possible. Labeled, measured and tested.

Standard tool by g+p   We manufacture the standard tools in which we are convinced that we can deliver cheaper, better and or with significantly longer tool life. In sum always an advantage for our customers!

Tools with internal coolant holes, chip space straight fluted or coiled, as well as any kind of coatings are possible.

Indexable inserts - our customer determines the manufacturer of the base plate. The production under provision of the base plates or procurement by us is possible.

VHM-tools (full carbid) possess a high wear resistance.

HSS-tools are more flexible and therefore have a much higher limit of break.

VHM + HSS can be sharpened several times. If necessary the contour on the face is moved back. Broken tools can thus partially be repaired. We help you to reduce tool costs.

Delivery time

Unbeatable in delivery time and quality - tools by g+p!

We are convinced. Let us convince you too..

The delivery times are specified by our customers.

Deliveries by courier service, parcel service, alternatively for pickup.


Equipped with the highest quality machinery and testing equipment, we manufacture our tools. Each tool is labeled with its own tool number and is thus uniquely identify any time. Design data and machine programs are documented and available at any time for a new production or repositioning of the contour.
Our production is certified according to DIN-ISO 9001: 2008 and TS16949.


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