Tools - a matter of confidence

The practice calls for the development of economic solutions. Quality and process capability have to be achieved.

Trust our experience. Our technicians are trained metal cutting mechanics who know exactly what is needed.

Your production adjusts to the different materials? We can help - for example with lead-free or low-lead alloys.

The mould design is quite essential for the success of the business. Special tools and standard tools should always provide the optimum quality, durability and costs.

Qualified g + p employee in the construction know what they are doing. Depending on your request, we will gladly advise you:

  • We manufacutre the tool to your specifications
  • You give us a product drawing or a drawing section and we manufacture you the optimal tool.
  • You give us a product drawing - we create the finished tool concept according to your plan and / or design for you an alternative manufacturing.
  • Consulting - production concept, tool development, machine capability, measurement methodology, materials expertise and more.

By the way the word confidence for our company of course includes discretion and secrecy. Customer data will be used exclusively for the production and subject to data protection.