Consulting - Advice for economic production

Economical production is also your absolute goal?

Process capability, quality and economy are closely interlinked.

In everyday operations, there is the situation daily. Working on a problem sometimes wasted easily a lot of time and money. Non-optimal solution accompanied by a non-optimal implementation. For small things an operation makes this risk / this wastage. Surely you are yourself the person skilled in your own operation. But with a toothache, you would not also go to the hairdresser. Assess the advantage of a more faster and safer solution in time and money for yourself. Please get in touch with us, if the risk is going too great. Our expert advice goes far beyond the use of tools.

Production concept, tool development, machine capability, measurement methodology and materials expertise are some keywords which we implement practically and holistically in our consultancy.

Our goal is clear: the process capability, quality and profitability of your production.

Machining lead-free and low-lead materials with g + p tools.

You cut lead-free and low-lead materials?

Take advantage of our fundamental research and patented tool development. We design the tools specifically for you / your production / your machine / your product! Adjust the cutting process on new materials, starts with the use of the right tools. The right tools from g + p.

Trust the specialists at your side and call us. We design the tools optimally to the material CW511L, Eco-Brass / Cuphin etc .. 

Come to g + p for achieving the performance of your production. 

For all materials the right partner.

Erode of tools

With immediate effect g + p also offers eroded tools from in-house production.

The benefits in the erosion process:

  • also deep and finest tool contours are possible
  • excellent finishes (on the tool up to Ra 0,28µm)
  • even higher accuracies

Again we expand our manufacturing know-how, the product diversity and the  manufacturing capacity. We are known for our reliability in the quality, short delivery time and variety of possibilities connected with a very long experience.