Construction, new production, regrinding, repair

  • Construction    - Further information you can find here.
  • New production   - unbeatable in delivery time and quality.
  • Regrinding  - we also regrind external products.
  • Repair   - as far as it is technically possible and economically feasible.

If you need the same tool again later, due to tool breakage or just due to further demand or even if you want to regrind it by us, give only the tool number (see marking at tool) when ordering. Through the stored machine data a production or processing of the tool is possible at any time under high precision.


Consult is also a possibility of cooperation.

Material and tool competence / production technology / machining / measurement methology. 

Have you a current problem in production? You have no knowledge about a material to be processed? A planned production concept does not work? Process capability, quality and efficiency are to be improved.

The targeted use of our advice can save you a lot of time and money.  Please contact us. Let us examine whether we can help you. We are glad to give you advice and do not promise any solutions we cannot keep.